Inspiration as Conviction

Who do we look to for inspiration?
What disposition does this soul possess?
We seek not the brand of fame and station,
nor the badge of battle; worn to impress.
Instead, we seek the common seal, the touch
of humanity both caring and kind.
Instead, we seek the wisdom to best clutch
a simple truth that’s often hard to find.
Instead, we seek a clever wit, a skilled
practitioner, both able and adept;
an active soul with the power to build
a cause from gifts given and treasures kept.
. Look to the soul who’s prepared to stumble,
. but has the conviction not to crumble.

© Tim Grace, 4 February 2012

To the reader: A defining feature of inspirational leaders (living or dead) is enthusiasm. In addition, those who inspire (humble or bold) do so with conviction. Together, enthusiasm and conviction make an impressive and powerful partnership. Our inspirational heroes (big or small) are energised by cause and blessed with effect. They have an impact and they get results. We look to inspirational heroes (young or old) for insight into how we might walk in their footsteps and climb on their shoulders.

To the poet: A second attempt at defining inspiration. This time a little more descriptive and a little more sequenced; bearing a little more enthusiasm and conviction. The first two lines establish the point of enquiry and the next two lines refute a negative response. The remaining six lines of the sonnet’s body attend “instead” to positive terms of reference; as applied to inspiration. The final couplet arrives at a satisfying, if not inspirational, conclusion.



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