once upon a vine

Once upon a vine…

Between that bottle and this long-stemmed glass
there lies the story of a summer wine.
Tells of fermentation, vintage and class;
begins with friends and “Once upon a vine…”
They are the golden flush, the rustic hue,
the straw-like characters in nature clad.
They are the sparkling stream, the morning dew,
the autumnal pallet, the harvest had.
They are the hint of rose, the sweet bouquet,
the lingering waft of lavender’s scent.
They are the earthy taste of new-mown hay;
the essence, the spirit of time well spent.
. In the pouring of a wine … stop at first.
. Raise a glass to friends who have quenched your thirst.

© Tim Grace, 28 October 2011

To the reader: The pursuit of medieval alchemists was to transmute one substance into another; metals into gold and water into wine. The scientific-age brought an end to alchemy’s legitimacy but we still love to concoct substances. Perfumes and wines are highly prized elixirs that intoxicate our interests. In both, we find beauty in the subtle interpretation of complex chemical relationships. Wine appreciation honours the art and science of wine making; it marries the head, the hand and heart of viticulture into one narrative… raise your glass.

To the poet: The careful construction of a sonnet allows it to be unpacked by those who care to do so in time to come. With this sonnet’s formal structure comes a more subtle framework; its inner workings. These patterns are evidence of what the poet used to bind and build a consistent narrative. The trick was to convert ‘them’ into ‘they’ and end with ‘those’ to whom we raise our glass!


once upon a vine

once upon a vine


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