The world in pieces,
Colours combining,
Clarity increases,
With distance defining.
The world segmented,
Kaleidoscopic split
Patterns augmented,
With nibbling fit,
The field of view,
The focal range,
The tonal hue,
With angles change.
.    Impressed and enraptured,
.    The mosaic is manufractured.

© Tim Grace, 12 February 2011

To the reader: Cathedral ceilings find counterbalance in floors of magnificent mosaic. The segmental nature of a mosaic adapts itself to undulating and odd-shaped perimeters. Tile by tile in decoration. A surface treatment deliberately fractured; pre-empting the impact of traffic and age. A strong and versatile solution. Suited to subtlety …impressionistic, geometric, kaleidoscopic. Betters with age.

To the poet: Small pieces of text. Small phrases, reliant on each other for meaning. As with a mosaic, this sonnet begins with the micro-meaning of individual words. As the aperture widens the macro-meaning reveals itself as a play of words; built around the concept of ‘manufracturing’… to build from broken pieces. Meaningless becomes meaningful; fixed.




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