things constructed

Things Constructed

True to the nature of things constructed,
this place carries well its form and function.
Bits combine, as by design, instructed…
“The finished look is a neat production”.
Its shapes are solid and its lines are clean,
there’s strength in its statement, poise in its stance.
It lends stature to an impressive scene…
“Rightly deserves an appreciative glance”.
This place is big and at the same time small,
it’s a place to visit, or to stay a while.
It’s imposing, robust, yet comfortable…
“There’s confidence in its sense of style”.
. This place extends the obvious line of sight…
. “It stretches shadows as it plays with light”.

© Tim Grace, 25 October 2011

To the reader: Wow! – that experience of wonderment upon first encountering a massive interior space – “a primal human response”. From cave to cathedral, those upward rising columns produce the dramatic effect of a vaulted ceiling that with supernatural force separate sky from ground – “heaven from earth”. The statement of interior spaces has a powerful impact on behaviour: in the cavern we intermingle with familial groups; in the cathedral we become one of many deferential souls – “in the modern day shopping mall we are the merchants’ river of gold”.

To the poet: … waiting for a friend to join me. And so, with time to fill, the interior design of where I was had time to impress my appreciation; it was expansive, generous and interesting. Friend arrives, so I share my thoughts… The conversation lent itself to a poetic form of thought-then-statement (not the same as question then answer). The last couplet neatly thinks-then-summarises.


things constructed

things constructed


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