Generous Grin

Generous Grin

“I don’t want no more than my deserve.”
So said the swindler with generous grin.
But he knows, full-well, his ball has a curve;
a rubbery bounce with plenty of spin.
One Man’s Profit – is another man’s pain:
the working title of this swindler’s guide
to self-help manoeuvres that leave no stain;
with ‘cover-up advice’ from the inside:
– cover them tracks as you leave the station.
– cover your backs with an alibied trail.
– cover them assets, spread the location.
– cover your bets either side of the rail.
. Cover your costs on a ticket to ride.
. Help yourself hints for the sneaky and snide.

© Tim Grace, 1 January 2014

To the reader: Deception is a disposition not restricted to the human condition. Nature is a master of bluff and mimicry. The management of perception to favour selection and procreation is a vital survival strategy across all species. The swindler (that master of deceit) hoodwinks unsuspecting victims; using a suite of refined but very dubious tactics. Deception is an elaborated lie … a cunning plan; a clever trick!

To the poet: Some poetry works well in sonnet form. The strolling rhythm suits the observation of life in passing: the rise and fall of emotions and the ebb and flow of time’s dispute with destiny. That same pulsing rhythm struggles with simple banter. Being a consistent and truthful rhythm it struggles with contrived hesitation. The application of too many tricks stretches belief and weakens the integrity of a sonnet.

Generous Grin

Generous Grin
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