in the now

In the now…

Be learn’d in the now, be connected
to what is your current fascination.
Take from today all that is collected,
make this the lot, the plot of your creation.
Expect nothing of tomorrow’s promise,
and give not tomorrow today’s excuse.
Be of the moment; and then so, with ease
make invisible time’s disappointed fuse.
Have in mind only this day’s food for thought,
for tomorrow’s feast is an empty plate,
nothing more than that, a recipe fraught
with expectation; do not take the bait.
. Be absorbed in the now, be besotted,
. take from today all that is allotted.

© Tim Grace, 28 September 2012

To the reader: Living for the day and seizing the day are different concepts. Living for the day assumes no connection with days gone or days to come. Seizing the day treats the present as an opportunity for future construction. To be absorbed by ‘this day’ for its own sake is the fun park approach to life; the alternative, is a nature park relationship with time’s daily dose. In the fun park we have an apportioned amount of time to cram the day with pleasure; what’s not done will never be done. Tomorrow is the same day of rides repeated.

To the poet: It’s from the nature park a poet learns not be concerned about tomorrow’s feast of words; we can not guess the menu. Tomorrow’s empty plate will fill; just as every other. The better care we take of today’s nature park the better will be tomorrow’s narrative. Today is tomorrow’s write of passage. Poetry thrives on adaptation to its current concerns… it can not graze on tomorrow’s grass; for that field is yet to grow.


in the now

In The Now
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