Release The Brake

Release The Brake

You’d better contemplate your journey now.
Talk as you would walk with a natural gait.
Learn to wait, stand your ground, take a bow.
Be patient, be present … anticipate.
By all means stride out, by all means leap forth.
But do take care, know when enough’s enough.
This is the stuff of immeasurable worth;
the fortitude you need when things get tough.
You are where are, for good purpose; there
not to stagnate, not to stop, you’re there to make
the most of moments (rehearse and prepare)
and then, when you’re ready, release the brake.
. As a general rule, what’s far becomes near.
. Life, as is our school, renders most things clear.

© Tim Grace, 18 July 2012

To the reader: Effectively managing the erratic pace of life takes wisdom. Going with the flow is one technique; perilous when that pace is frantic, stultifying when things grind to a halt. No, we can do better than that. Finding your own natural rhythm is the trick. Live life in a relaxed state of readiness… poised; as in ‘having a composed and self-assured manner.’

To the poet: Adjusting a suit can be a simple matter… hems up or down. On the other hand the process can be laboured and intensive; costly and expensive. The same can be said of editing a sonnet. Like its predecessor, this sonnet fought tooth and nail not be adjusted. Every line took umbrage at the mere suggestion of change or alteration. In the end we were both exhausted.


Release The Brake

Release The Brake
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