Sometimes we arrive at destinations;
the result of an effortless journey.
Driven not by stress or consternations;
not chased, not pulled, not fuelled by urgency.
It’s then that we arrive as a ready force;
in full command of the traveller’s kit.
No map, no guide, just a natural course:
a passage through time, a comfortable fit.
Left to take this ‘natural course’ we become
our destination; and as such, arrive
fully prepared: readied, and in fulsome
frame of mind; eager to flourish and thrive.
. Pathways to wherever can not be mapped,
. they can not be copied or overlapped.

© Tim Grace, 3 June 2012

To the reader: The course of least resistance is one of many natural orders. A stream will meander around obstacles; seeking direction and guidance from the surrounding terrain. In this way a stream becomes its destination. In contrast, a fire will ravage its environment as it seeks to fuel an insatiable appetite for energy. The random path of a fire reflects a craving for instant gratification; there is no recognition of place in its destructive path. In this way a fire destroys its destination.

To the poet: The natural flow of consciousness identifies a good poem. The ease by which a poem flows around obstacles of rhyme and reason is a marker of success. There will always be creative tension in a poem; for the course can not be so easy as to stop the stream of thought. The rhythm of ebb and flow, as opposed to slash and burn, seeks resolution not resignation; agreement not argument; destination not destruction.



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