now complete

Now Complete

This year is now complete, finished, exposed
to the reflective gaze of history’s view.
This year’s open doors have now been closed:
shut tight, sealed off, and bid farewell; adieu…
In the finish of a year we rejoice.
It’s fitting we take a moment to pause.
It’s OK too, that with some pride we voice
our achievements and tally-up our scores…
And so ends another year; outnumbered,
full-sum spent; used but not digested;
completed with a cheer; disencumbered
of journal’s jot – evermore let rested…
. This year is done, finished; so too its might.
. You don’t tie an new string to last year’s kite.

Tim Grace, 28 December 2011

To the reader: Circles circling circles; and so, years come and go – the familiar pattern repeats. Our spiralling experience of time, as repetition, turns days into days, and weeks into weeks. Without the cycling-nature of all things revolving we would have no opportunity or need to learn from experience. Without repetition the past has no relevance. When we are lost we travel in circles … spiralling forth; making use of our past.

To the poet: “Fly yourself a brand new kite” What was the poet thinking? “With one year’s completion comes certainty; nothing can be added or subtracted… the year’s experience is fully described; saturated. For just a short while deep reflection is encouraged. In losing its current status ‘last year’ is now open to interpretation… and the rest is history”. Happy New Year!


now complete

now complete


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