I think I’ll go and make a cup of tea.
Not because I need one; it’s more the case
that it will fill this moment perfectly.
More the point, that just now I need some space.
I think I’ll go and strum my old guitar.
Not that I’m rehearsing a performance,
perfecting pieces in a repertoire;
no, it’s more the case I need some distance.
I think I’ll go and take a pleasant walk.
A stroll around the garden would be nice.
Not to tend to patches with spade or fork;
no need … there are no weeds in paradise.
. I think I’ll take a little time off task;
. I’ll take a break and in distraction bask.

© Tim Grace, 10 October 2011

To the reader: Distraction; a half-deliberate measure, surely that’s procrastination. Allowing yourself to be waylaid, sidelined or set askew is probably not a text-book approach to best-practice delivery. But occasionally, a little time-out can serve your purpose well. The timing of a cup of tea, a musical interlude or a garden walk should be factored into a practical action plan; one that relieves the tedium and drudgery of work.

To the poet: As a teacher I used to write children’s songs; three verses and a chorus. If the kids were lucky, they got a coda – the tail-end of a song. This sonnet reflects my old habits. Each of the three stanzas follows a predictable pattern; not that I’ve tried, but it’s probably quite easily converted to a rhythmic strum. Don’t be tempted, although the ‘sonnet’ translates from Italian into English as ‘little song’ that’s a trap too easily set; all too predictable.



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