Love is prone to the pull of attractions;
beguiled by sight and a theatre of thoughts;
enamoured by touch and aroused reactions;
exposed to the pleasure of seductive sports.
Too easily flattered by beauty’s praise
love shines meekly through an innocent veil.
And through naive nuance sweet love displays
how subtle twist becomes a sordid tale.
Too eager to feel the stroke of success
love craves the press of an amorous hand;
the nonchalant nudge, the carefree caress
that stokes an embered fire; fuelled and fanned.
. Love unprotected is in poor defence…
. too easily subjected to false pretence.

© Tim Grace, 29 August 2011

To the reader: Love like gravity is an attractive force. And there begins a very short lesson on what physics calls the fundamental forces; four in total, with a fifth being pondered. Gravity is one of two universal forces that can be perceived in our daily interactions with the environment. The fundamental interaction of objects takes place on a dynamic field. As one object interacts with the field others respond to its changing influences; drawn to its impression.

To the poet: The gullibility of love as a weak agent is an irresistible theme; an attraction too hard for most poets to resist. We watch and then describe love’s vulnerability in terms that reflect one emotional influence over another. The lure of love draws heavily on a willing soul; and there seems little a poet can do to detach himself from the strong tug of pen to page.


attraction attraction


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