through contemplation

Through Contemplation

It’s through contemplation that one sees
behind the quick attraction,
beyond the chic events that tease
and taunt us to distraction.
It’s the day-dream that delivers respite
from the constant nag, the relentless pull
of the trivial, the transient and trite;
in this void there is no full;
nor is there emptiness;
nor is there substance (dried or set).
There’s no position of fixed address,
nothing to remember, nothing to forget.
. It’s through contemplation that one reveals
. the everything that sight conceals.

© Tim Grace, 9 June 2011


To the reader: Sight and light are complementary themes; together, they deliver vision in a physical sense. Seeing behind and beyond vision, delving into contemplation, is a metaphysical experience. Middle-grounded thought processes that deceptively avoid the optic nerve’s careful watch. It’s through contemplation, eyes off-guard, that the world is transfigured; broken from its matrix to form the poetry of mental images.

To the poet: In poetry, the repetition of sounds adds emphasis and certainty of voice; provides an aural structure. In this poem alliteration, assonance and consonance are given free reign. Not too much. For too liberally applied, these devices become laboured and tiresome; having the opposite effect to that intended. Used wisely, these tools of the trade define the quality of writing. When used as ornamentation the poet slides a slippery slope.


through contemplation through contemplation

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