suited or not

Suited or Not

They can draft a man to suit a plan,
give him wage and compensation.
They can craft a man ’til spic’n’span,
prepare him for occasion.
Surely then, it’s fair that we assume
he’s qualified; and suitably recruited.
But soon, too soon, his costume
slips. A facade’s been executed!
Any fool can dress the part,
and for some time play his bluff.
But neither is this good nor smart,
for through polish shows his scruff.
. Beware the quack with phony bill,
. so too folly, doctor-like, controlling skill.

© Tim Grace, (WS-Sonnet 66: line 10) 1 May 2011

To the reader: So it is supposed to go… as we carve out our individual career paths the route develops a logic which is matched to our particular talents. And so we become suited, recruited, to our work. Frustratingly, not all career paths follow this dictum; this pattern of logical progression. For some, opportunity defies logic and lays down a highway devoid of devotion. Rapid rise; rapid fall … careers to a crash!

To the poet: In lengthening the lines of a poem we create space to internally reinforce points of expressions. An incidental phrase (not always necessary) can soften the direct impact of hurried line. The inserted clause, the bracketed thought, offers an adjustment: a tweak; a checkpoint; a clarification of sorts. The longer line is reassuring, less punchy; more reader friendly.


suited or not suited or not


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