on pause

On Pause

This is the pause that he employs,
When his stance is resolute,
This is his silent use of noise,
That speaks volumes when on mute.
This is not an empty moment,
Just waiting to be filled,
It’s intelligent, it’s eloquent,
It’s be spoken by the skilled,
This is thought upon a precipice,
It’s surgical; a cut that leaves no scar,
Consider this his emphasis,
His suspended coup de grace.
. To a break in flow, we’ll pay attention,
. It helps to grow our comprehension.

© Tim Grace, 2 April 2011

To the reader: The rhythm of speech is particular to each of us. We modulate our voice to draw attention to words that enhance the meaning of our message. In “I have a dream…” the vocal technique of Martin Luther-King is slow and deliberate; audible and easily absorbed. But there comes a time … a time in his speech when more … so much more is needed. The king-hit is sermon. Trained as a Baptist minister Luther-King turns lectern into pulpit with masterful ease and maximum impact.

To the poet: Rhythm and repetition given an occasional pause for emphasis; that’s it, the message has its pigeon. Short in form, the sonnet is ripe for delivering a sharp punch. Impact is important. The pause, as a literary device, pulls the punch, gears up momentum and off-puts the listener. Make the rhythm predictable but defy expectation with a pause … a misplaced pause, an awkward pause, a pregnant pause … a pause nonetheless.


on pause on pause


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