elevated poise

Elevated Poise

Unlike the rusting artifact,
Returning unto earth,
The golden bust will long attract,
An interest in its worth.
With the likeness of divinity,
We revere its golden crust,
In museums of antiquity,
It shall not gather dust.
With its luminated lustre,
And its elevated poise,
It has the strength to master,
What atrophy destroys.
. The light is cast with a golden ray,
. It shines in those who seek the way.

© Tim Grace, 26 February 2011

To the reader: I am the light, I am the way… with enlightenment comes direction. And so radiates the golden frame with truth in abundance; postured to inspire. Awe-struck, we the lesser mortals pause to absorb the significance of a moment in the presence of a golden sage. I am the way… and the lost become found; I am the light … and blind shall see.

To the poet: Continuity of speech, a natural flow of ordered thought, and a lucid end; these are hallmarks of a well-rounded poem. A poem that narrates an awe-struck moment needs to have its own glint of wisdom and truth. Having been informed by revelation the poem needs bigness befitting to its source. The outward glow of insight.


elevated poise elevated poise


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