purpose revealed

Purpose Revealed

What’s a possible conclusion,
What’s a problem yet defined?
What’s a plausible solution?
What’s a pattern recombined?
What’s a process before production?
What’s a thought before it’s said?
… a conceptual construction
tied to a central thread…
It’s a scaffold, it’s a bridge,
It’s a design, it’s a build,
It’s a process, it’s assemblage
It’s a purpose … so revealed.
.    An answer defines what’s given … the fixture.
.    A solution describes what’s needed … the mixture.

© Tim Grace, 7 December 2010

To the reader: Between two points there are infinite possibilities. How and why we join dots, bridge gaps and grasp ends indicates a degree of purpose. Understanding our purpose reveals the sharpness of intent and clarifies the nature of activity. There are times when a definitive answer too solidly fixes a problem. Better might have been a softer solution; flexible and adaptable in mix.

To the poet: Much later, I came back to this sonnet and ironically decided to tighten it up. As a final draft it had far less symmetry and left the reader struggling to find shape and structure. In its current form I may have over-played its pattern; stripped it of variation… left it void of interest. I may have over answered its solution… what’s fixed cannot be mixed.


purpose revealed purpose revealed


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