not incredible

Not Incredible

Don’t make of me a case in point
Or define me as a jewel,
I’m not a thing you need anoint
As an exception to the rule.
I’m not a one-off centre piece,
Or a brightly shining star,
Compare me not to say Matisse
Or call me objet d’art
Give me not your accolades,
I need them not to shine,
Send me not on escapades
That to a hero you’d assign.
.    I’m a pillar not a pedestal,
.    I’m good but not incredible.

© Tim Grace, 26 November 2010


To the reader: The burden of expectation is a heavy weight. The mild-mannered super hero is a case in point. Encumbered with a sense of conviction, the archetypal hero bares the load of over-whelming duty. When released of expectation the hero, as centre-piece, is freed of others’ expectations. It’s the pillar not the pedestal that bares weight and distributes the load.

To the poet: Pulling apart a poem reveals a poet’s word play. Throughout this poem, rhythm falls heavily on the word ‘not’; as repeated in alternating lines. The opening word is ‘don’t’ and from this point on the emphasis is clear: ‘I’m good but not incredible’. The words might say ‘don’t’ but they are expressed with determination and conviction; heroic traits indeed.


not incredible

not incredible

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