elegant solution

Elegant Solution

In search of a strategy,
A maneuver that’s adept,
With an obvious analogy,
That others will accept.
An elegant solution,
With a simple line of sight,
A corporate contribution:
That’s logical and bright,
That’s possible; sensible,
That’s ethical and good,
That’s plausible, defensible,
And easily understood.
. A nifty, thrifty, plan of course,
. A steady, ready, driving force.

© Tim Grace, 28 October 2010

To the reader: It’s the obvious that speaks most convincingly for it holds true what is familiar and evident. Unfortunately, the obvious truth all too soon becomes mundane and therefore tires of enthusiasm to drive new change. It takes a brave soul to suggest the obvious, however true; hardly the suff of enterprise and innovation; best not without good reason. Unless, that is, a fresh view of the obvious is drawn and gives rise to “why didn’t I think of that?”

To the poet: It was important that this poem did nothing too strenuous. Its success relies upon a simple presentation of obvious poetic solutions; very predictable, very familiar. It was also important that having posed the issue as a strategic search for a plan it did nothing to deliver the proposition or deliver a plan. The search was seeking a strategy not an answer.


elegant solution elegant solution


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