chocolate swirl

Chocolate Swirl

A chocolate swirl melts into self,
Folds into resolution.
Self-absorbed, it finds relief,
And holds its constitution.
Fluid, liquid, but hardly wet,
With creamy distribution,
Its cast is not yet set…
No final execution.
There’s a shimmer to its surface,
A sugar sweet solution,
A chocolate heart, a chocolate kiss,
A lover’s institution.
. A soft-centred lover, indulgent to the core,
. A chocolate coated message, too delicious to ignore.

© Tim Grace, 3 November 2010

To the reader: The taste and texture of chocolate is its combined attraction. It’s a substance that is responsive to environment – hard and cold can’t resist a soft and warm touch. At that melting moment sensations collide; there’s a clash of riches: smooth dark and sweet. Chocolate is a substance with substance; a substantial treat, and a lover’s gift.

To the poet: The ‘self’ absorbed nature of chocolate suggests gentle animation; viscous definition. The melting moment is enhanced by rounded sounds that fold together without the disruption of angular or edgy observation. The linking of love and chocolate is left to late in the sonnet … there’s a shimmer to its surface.



chocolate swirl chocolate swirl


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