simple solutions

Simple Solutions

Nature finds its habitat,
Where best it finds a fit,
Accommodates to this and that,
So together it is knit …
To the ever changing circumstance,
To the ravages of time,
To the vagaries of happenstance,
That slump as well as climb.
Nature seeks not certainty,
Nor acts too far ahead,
It covets not eternity,
So accepts its daily bread.
. Nature is the consequence of patterns in repeat
. Simple solutions … flexible and neat.

© Tim Grace, 10 October 2010

To the reader: The more we marvel at the complexity of life the more we understand its simplicity… simplexity. So many of our great writers, artists, scientists and philosophers have spent their lives reducing their vast intellects into small acts of perfect beauty. In their own way reinterpreting nature; unravelling and revealing its simple patterns. While praising the reductionists it’s nature that deserves the greatest accolade for it is endlessly holistic, forever adaptive and constantly creative.

To the poet: This is a neat and simple sonnet. The pattern of three four-line stanzas is perfect for an arrival at a concluding couplet. This sonnet being a statement of sorts is emphasized in the ‘so that’ structure of the first and third stanzas. The middle stanza adds content and context to the statement. As summary, it was important the final couple was expressed as a ‘simple solution’.


simple solutions

simple solutions


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