Brides of March

Brides of March

Along with all the brides of March
It’s here her vows were made.
Underneath the wedding arch
Umbrellaed in the shade.
He walked beside her gown of lace
It shimmered in the sun.
Fair of face, and full of grace,
Her single thread was spun.
From he to he, she gave her heart
In spirit and in kind,
He met her eyes in whole and part
From here the two entwined.
. ‘Love is all you need’ to keep the fire aglow,
. ‘All you need is love’ is all you need to know.

© Tim Grace, 25 March 2010


To the reader: In the temperate zone of the southern hemisphere March is a beautiful month. It’s free from the extremes of Summer and ripe with the fruits of harvest. All told, an ideal month for marriage. Blue skies and the final blush of Summer create an ideal setting. The moderate nature of this time of year extends to its generous retreat from the forefront of celebrations. As a beautiful backdrop it allows the bridal party to shine … and together they glow.

To the poet: The personalization of a sonnet limits its reach and compromises the poet’s observer status. She, the bride and daughter, transfers her commitment from him to he beneath a wedding arch in March; and love will see them through. Throughout the poem I have made references that those who experienced the wedding first-hand will recognize; but like the “in joke” these shouldn’t limit the sonnet’s more universal understanding.


Brides of March Brides of March


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