New Wisdom

What new wisdom has last night’s slumber brought
to this “good morning” as of now untapped?
How might the sun rise on a new thought
and give ‘novelty’ power to adapt?
With new thought comes the bud of inspiration,
the compact remedy, as yet unpacked.
It’s the starting point of contemplation,
it’s the new idea that yesterday lacked.
New wisdom much like a fresh flower blooms:
not from old stock, not from a stem detached.
Wisdom is but one bloom that newly grooms
itself to best show a solution hatched.
. Today refreshed is last night’s cameo,
. As bud becomes bloom, so this day will grow.

© Tim Grace, 21 September 2011


To the reader: The sun rises, a new day dawns, and if the night was good to you there’s a fresh awakening. Over night, your niggles have been processed; disencumbered from yesterday’s tangles. And so, with fresh clarity you take a novel approach to loosening that stubborn knot. The tired solution, over-worked and fruitless, has been rested… retired to make room for this day’s innovation.

To the poet: In construction, some poems are satisfying others wrestle with their maker. Those that satisfy, like this one, have a physical arrangement that scaffolds the poem’s structural sense. By design, a satisfying poem will have physical strength; a visible appearance that matches its message. A poem with look and feel has inner and outer strength, rhymes feel relaxed and resoundingly echo their way throughout the text; form and function tied with an evident but invisible thread.