One More

One more than many. One amongst the crowd.
Of all amassed, of all assembled,
you are the one of all who’s most endowed
with the touch of difference; unresembled:
uncopied, unmatched, unequalled; unique.
You are the diamond in a crown of jewels.
You are the highest mount; a lover’s peak.
You are the exception that breaks all rules.
You are the singular presence, where dwells
perfection, where at one point all things meet.
Within you perfect love is made, where swells
affection; through your oneness all things complete.
. At one with love you have tamed love’s thunder,
. you have brought to heel cupid’s brand of wonder.

© Tim Grace, 10 February 2012

To the reader: Being the chosen one is flattering. It’s nice to be given attention; to be drawn out of the crowd as something special. But quite a perverse honour if you’re an admirer’s anonymous obsession. More so, if you are the one that through compare is beyond compare. Do you actually exist, or are you an imagined tool that consummates desire? Is the relationship unrequited? No matter, the infatuation delivers a brand of private climax. (WS – Sonnet 154)

To the poet: Depending on emphasis, the meaning of “one more lovely” is quite different to “one more lover”. And there’s the invitation to play with words. In both senses the expressions are literal but have a figurative overlay that creates room for interpretation. So “one more – than many” can be a numerical statement offering infinite potential. Or, “one – more than many” can be a flattering statement offering distinction beyond the norm. Both interpretations are at one with my “one more” intent … (TG – Sonnet 155)